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1st June 1964 saw the birth of Carmel Garden School.

There existed a long-felt need for an English medium school for boys, specially run by the Roman Catholic Mission for the city of Coimbatore. This need was further intensified when the Government introduced free education. There was an urge among the enlightened parents to put their children in a proper institution and give them a better education. This was duly represented to the President of the Coimbatore Diocese Society under which so many collegiate, secondary and elementary educational institutions are conducted.

The President, His Excellency Rt. Rev. Mgr. Francis M. Savarimuthu, D.D., the reverend Bishop of Coimbatore, valuing the representation and understanding the existing need for such an institution did not hesitate to spare the proper personnel, the required finance and the suitable land site for it. Thus 1st June 1964 saw the birth of Carmel Garden School. The administration of the new born school was entrusted to the most suitable person, Rev. Fr. M. M. Chinnayan B.A.,L.T. He, having in mind the purpose of the school - better education , good discipline and character formation - appointed the best teachers. Initially there were only 87 boys in the classes three to six. Though these classes were only at elementary level, there were two graduate teachers and one fully qualified language pandit. Rev. Fr. Patrick D'Rosario was its first Principal.

In a few weeks' time without any publicity , the existence of the school became aware to educated and responsible parents who expressed their wish to enroll their children in it. From all corners of the city, children began pouring in. Considering the risk the parents were taking in sending their children in city buses, Rev. Fr. Chinnayan, who is also the Correspondent of St. Michael's High School, readily offered his school bus to bring the children to school from remote corners of the city.

In a couple of months, not only the local parents but also those of distant places rushed seeking admission for their sons. Thus it became necessary to have a hostel attached to the school. For a short while, about 27 children were lodged in St.Michael's Hostel.By early August the ground floor of the present hostel building was ready and on 24.08.64, 54 boys started to have their lodging and boarding in a decent manner. His Excellency, the Bishop felt it wise to render motherly affection to these young boys. Therefore the catering of the children was entrusted to the care of the Presentation Convent Nuns. Still they carry on this difficult task with devoted service and make the boys feel at home.

1965-66 The management thought it better to shape the young boys according to Christian Principles and cultivate the manly virtues right from the beginning. Consequently, 1st and 2nd standards were opened. The demand for admission was so great that it created a practical difficulty to accommodate them. Rev. Bro. Anthonymuthu, the architect of this building took a keen interest in adding to the original structure. Rev. Bro. Aloysius played an active role and managed the work day and night and thus made it possible to provide sufficient accommodation to meet the heavy rush for admission.

For a little over a year, Rev. Fr. Patrick D'Rosario was at the helm of affairs. His paternal affection is still remembered by the students. For various reasons, the administration decided that Rev. Fr.Patrick should be replaced by someone else. His Excellency could find no better hand than Fr. M. Anthony Lawrence. He was entrusted with the full responsibility of the School and the hostel. On 3rd July 1965, he took charge as the Principal and the Chief Warden of the hostel. Having gained valuable experience as Assistant Headmaster in St.Michael's, he took a firm decision to put everything in its regular order and implement the Curriculum in a fitting manner. Now the strength was slightly below 300. Well trained Anglo-Indian Mistresses were appointed to the lower classes to give correct pronunciation and better command of the English language.

On Aug. 5th, even a year in advance, the University granted the school recognition and affiliated Carmel Garden as one of the recognized Matriculation Schools.

Any education Curriculum must be recognized by its competent authority. Otherwise it cannot justify the very objects of its existence At the very outset the Management applied to the University of Madras for recognition. The University was pleased to know that the R. C. Mission had come forward to undertake this very useful enterprise in the City of Coimbatore. Sincere and serious efforts were made to get this school affiliated to the Madras University. On 2nd May 1966, the University sent the one man commission to inspect the school. Rev. Fr. L. D. Murphy S.J., a very eminent educationist arrived and conducted the inspection. He was satisfied with the upkeep of the school and implementation of the Curriculum and submitted a favourable report to the University. The University insisted that certain things pertaining to endowment, staff and equipment be carried out. The management promptly took necessary steps and satisfied the University.

On Aug. 5th, even a year in advance, the University granted the school recognition and affiliated Carmel Garden as one of the recognized Matriculation Schools within its jurisdiction.

1966-67 : The University evinced a keen interest in the progress of the school. Time and again it sent instructions regarding staff, working days and syllabi. As there was an unprecedented rush for admission, the accommodation problem became more acute. Without the least hesitation, the management undertook the construction work of the third storey. Now the strength rose to five hundred and two. Consequently the staff strength was like wise raised to 18. A physical Director with University Degree was added to the staff.

1967-68 : When the parents became aware of the recognition of this school, they tried their best to ensure that their sons too would study in Carmel Garden School. More rush was felt. IVth Form (IX Std.) was opened. The University kept a close watch on this and the higher classes. These students will consist of the first batch to write their Matriculation examination in March 1970. The hostel strength rose to 120. Therefore the hostel was remodeled into a terraced building and over it the first floor with tile roofing. Now the strength was six hundred and seventy. Trained graduate teachers were appointed for special subjects like science , Maths etc..

The building work was speedy. Now Rev.Bro.Gnanapragasam took charge of the building work. Energetic by nature, he stood on his toes to see that the work was speeded up and at the same time done properly.

St.Michael's High school bus worn out by strain was no longer fit to serve both schools. There was a real need for a separate bus for this new school. This was proposed to His Excellency. His generosity towards this school was boundless, he immediately sanctioned the necessary amount for an outright purchase of a new bus. On 3rd December 1967, the Patronal Feast Day of His Lordship, the Bishop of Coimbatore, a new coach like ' Tata Mercedes-Benz' bus at the cost of Rs. 77,000 was presented for the use of Carmel Garden school by His Excellency the Bishop.

1968 -69 : This year the number on the rolls rose to 850 and the strength of the staff to 25. The third storey was completed ant it was occupied by the higher forms. The standard of education , maintenance of discipline and formation of good character start attracting parents even from abroad. Parents from Malaysia, Africa and the Persian Gulf sought admission for their sons.

In 1970 the very first batch of students appeared for the Matriculation Examination conducted by the University of Madras. All the students came out spectacularly. One of the students stood first in Science at State Level.

The year 1972, Fr. Anthony M. Lawrence was transferred to St.Michael's High School and Rev. Fr. A. Maria Mudiappan was posted as the Principal and Correspondent of Carmel Garden. A man of principles and strict discipline, Rev.Fr.Mudiappan spared no efforts to build the institution in its varied facets and held high the flame and fame of Carmel in every sense of the word. In acknowledgement of the devoted service rendered by the staff, he introduced the Gourp Gratutity Insurance Scheme with the LIC., so that, the retiring staff could have a reward for their selfless service in the school.

The Silver Jubilee of the School was celebrated in the year 1989-90.

In the year 1978, Higher Secondary classes with Science and Maths subjects were introduced in the school, with a view to enable students to pursue medical and engineering courses at higher levels. Also , a separate block was constructed for Higher Secondary classes. Additional buildings were put up for the primary classes too. In the year 1981- 82 Nursery classes were started, thus relieving the parents of their anxiety to seek admissions for their children elsewhere. This necessitated the closure of the hostel as the place was required to accommodate the Nursery Section.

In 1986, Rev. Fr. A. Maria Mudiappan was transferred to St. Michael's Hr. Sec. School and Rev. Fr. Joseph G. Felix was made the Principal. The rich experience that Fr. Felix had acquired during his six years as Vice- Principal in the same school, was an added asset to his admirable qualities of mind and heart. Sensitive to the needs of the time and particularly to the needs of the students, he evinced a keen interest in the progress of the school in a fast developing and challenging society. Realizing the need for computer education, a computer Centre was opened in 1986. Believing that, ' All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy ', two basketball courts were laid in the modern style, along with a hockey court, to encourage student participation in athletics. The Herculean task of filling the pits and leveling the uneven paths was undertaken side by side with the construction of the orname ntal compound wall with botanical setting. The big and dry well was filled up and a new bore well was dug. The Silver Jubilee of the school was celebrated in the year 1989-90.To commemorate the Silver Jubilee in a fitting manner the bed room of the former hostel was converted into a Silver Jubilee Hall with a beautiful stage and false roofing.

In June 1990  Rev. Fr. I. Maria Antony Raj took over the administration of the school from Fr. Joseph Felix. The Silver Jubilee Hall was completed. The Patron of Carmel Garden Matriculation School, Rt. Rev .Dr. M. Ambrose, decided to start an Arts and Science College. Since the building for the proposed College was not ready,the college was started in the Carmel Garden School campus. A modern Toilet and a spacious Canteen were constructed.

Rev. Fr. A. L. Sundar Raj was appointed the Principal and correspondent on June 2, 2003 by the present patron Most Rev. Dr. L.Thomas Aquinas M.A., D.C.L. There were 1955 students and 95 staff members. A modern , spacious office for the Principal, a new school office equipped with computers, an open air stage at the corner of the football field and spacious verandahs in front of the Primary Classes were some of the additions during 2003-2004. As the strength in the primary sections was denying personal attention to the children, it was decided to have four sections from Std1 to Std.5. It was also felt that having a separate block for the Primary would be of a great help in imparting knowledge and in inculcating discipline. Hence there was a need to construct 12 more additional class rooms. These class rooms were built during the summer of 2004 and the students occupied the new classes on 02.0 6.04.The Main Building , The Higher Secondary Block and the Primary Section were connected by means of two bridges . These bridges have enabled the teachers to have easy access to all the class rooms. The Uniform of the students was changed in June 2004. Fourth section was added to standards 1 to 5 in June 2004. It was planned to have a web site for the school. The school web site was launched on Sept.3, 2004. A separate block for nursery was built in May 2005.

Rev. Fr. A. Paulraj took charge on 1st September 2006. He took  effective measures and conducted a new hall for  Yoga practices. Besides he also laid Thar road for Nursery building and behind the Main building. Further New toilets for the use of High School students and primary sections. In addition a fence was laid around the park in the front of the school building.

Rev. Fr. A. Maria Joseph, assumed the responsibility on 4th June 2011. His strategy was to surge the institution to retain its top position of the past glory and grow stupendously in the right path. The academic year 2011 - 2012 proved yet another milestone in the annals of Carmel. Master. P. L. Muthuraman notched up the second top position in the district which accentuated the pride of place that Carmel occupied in the minds of the public. The RCC  rain water drainage was constructed on all sides of the school for better treatment to water stagnation. The second floor of the main school building was modified with the RCC roofing and five new class rooms were added to the second floor of the K.G. block. To make learning more stimulating, interactive, effective and enlightening 'Smart Classes' are also introduced with 3D labs.