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Our School Scout troop is associated with THE BHARATH SCOUTS AND GUIDES, The Coimbatore District Association

A hearty welcome to the world of scouting. This is to highlight the viewers about the Scouting activities in Carmel Garden. It is needless to say the importance of scout movements in any school. The programmes , activities, camps, training etc. of scout do improve one's personality development even at the younger age. i.e. Students Scout activities play an important role in his career.

While incorporating values and disciplined training through Scouts, We not only educate the children but also build up our Nation with young citizens of staunch dedication. To fulfill all these aspirations, the school has been taking every effort to recruit boys for scouting since 1970. Our school scout troop is associated with THE BHARATH SCOUTS AND GUIDES, The Coimbatore District Association Carmel Garden Scout Troop has been running with the guidance of the District Association since 1996.

Up to 1995, a very good and an efficient training was given by

  Mr.K.Vincent Arulraj
Mr.John David
Mr.Syril Joseph

the senior members of the staff.

The school is ever grateful to the District Association, for having selected and given Scout Master training course to our teachers. At present, the troop is undergoing various stages in scouting, recruiting the students for Pravesh and Pratham Sopan under the guidance of Mr.Rajesh Kanna, the Scout Master.

You can view their various activities, Campus troop meetings, Flag ceremony, environmental activities, singing, dancing, learning and trekking. The school has committed to do all kinds of services to the scout Troop to maintain the high standard of the boy's performance through Scouting too. Through various games, the moral values are inculcated to the young minds.

Trekking is organised for the scouts. It is an interesting event in which the scouts are given the environmental awareness such as, the hazards of water pollution, love for nature and animals, sharing with each other, meaning of brotherhood and tolerance.

A trekking was conducted in our school to Thirumoorthy Hills recently. It advocates an eco-friendly way of life. Thus through scouting, children are imparted with over-all development. It gives a clarion-call for service to others and alerting the children to be on the motto "BE PREPARED" in their life.