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R.S.P Cadets are the medium through which the ROAD SAFETY EDUCATION is disseminated to the society. The ROAD SAFETY PATROL Cadets learn the safety rules and methods. They practice them for their own safety and also preach them to their colleagues.

A trained RSP cadet knows the dangers of the road and by his conduct prevents accidents. The RSP has a commitment to the Society, as the motto of RSP is "WE LIVE TO SERVE".

The ROAD SAFETY PATROL is a service to mankind that ensures an accident-free life. The knowledge is useful in day to day life as it relates to safety on roads as every one of us use the roads in our daily life in some form or other. The twin objectives of ROAD SAFETY STRATEGY viz. Accident Prevention and Accident reduction are achieved through RSP Cadets.

In our School RSP Troop was started in the year 1998-89 with 10 Boys.
Boys were trained in the Model Traffic Park.
Lines were drawn inside and outside of the School (Road side)
One week - Traffic Rules Awareness - Exhibition was conducted
The RSP Student volunteers are deployed on Traffic duties, in front of the School and nearby points to the school premises, on regular basis for one hour in the morning and evening before and after the school hours.
Traffic Regulation duty is also given to the students on festival days on the roads especially near Gandhipuram, Town Hall, etc.,
Selected RSP volunteers will wear cap, RSP belt, lanyard, whistle, RSP shoulder clips etc., on the regular School uniform and attend to the traffic duties.
30 students per school are enrolled in RSP units and formal training is given by the Traffic Police and Traffic wardens for the effective functioning of RSP units in every School.
Mr. Robert Wilson was incharge of R.S.P from 1989 to 1996. There were 22 Boys at that time.
Mr.Maria Joseph Raj was incharge from 1996 to 2003 with 35 Boys.

In 2003, Mr. R.Rajesh Kannan took charge of R.S.P.  There are 30 Boys in R.S.P.

  Mr. Maria Joseph Raj was incharge again from 2004 to 2011.
  Mr. Arthur Alexander took charge of R.S.P in 2011-12.
  Now, Mr. Francis Dhanapal is incharge for R.S.P