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Our School Library is a store house of books, periodicals, maps, CD Roms, and other reference materials etc.,

It is managed by Mrs.LEENA MARIA B.Sc.,B.Ed.,MLISC.,DTM a fully qualified Librarian.
Library Period (once a week) is compulsory for all Students from Class IV to Class VIII and Students of other Classes can make use of the library services during free periods, lunch hours and intervals.

The Library Subscribes to leading periodicals which includes


  • The Hindu
  • The New Indian Express
  • Dhina Malar
  • Dhina Thanthi
  • Dhina Mani
  • Times of India

  • Champak
  • The New Leader
  • Tamil Computer
  • Woman's Era
  • Pudiya Thalai Murai
  • Pudiya Thalai Murai(Kalvi)

  • India Today
  • Nam Vazhvu
  • Thozhan
  • Outlook
  • Sport star
  • Time
  • The Week


  • Alive
  • Arika Arivial
  • Arumbu
  • Biology Today
  • Business Today
  • Chandamama
  • Chemistry Today
  • Rastra Deepika Childrens Digest
  • P.C.M Children's Magazine
  • Children's World

  • Comic World
  • Competition Success Review
  • C.S.R. General Knowledge Today
  • German News
  • Gokulam
  • Mangayar Malar
  • Health
  • Heights
  • Kalaikathir
  • Kalvi Seithi
  • Mathematics Today
  • National Geographic

  • PC Quest
  • Physics Today
  • P.T.A. Magazine
  • Readers Digest
  • Scouts and Guides
  • Tamil Arasu
  • Teachers Plus
  • Student Express
  • Wisdom
  • Stay Fit
  • Infinite Thoughts

Library Collection
The Library houses a variety of books of general interest and rare reference materials including pamphlets, journals, maps, charts, models, back volumes and CD ROMs are available in the library.

The collection of library books exceeds 7300 titles. The location is indicated by a call number. The books in the general, fictions and reference sections are classified and arranged according to Dr. S. Ranganathan's colon classification scheme(CC)(Alphabetical order).

The following is the Summary

Main Class Subject No.of Books
z Generalia 524
w Biographies 181
n Year Books 34
A Natural Science 220
B Mathematics 278
C Physics 163
D Engineering & Computer 299
E Chemistry 86
G Biology 76
I Botany 75
K Zoology 150
L Medicine 159
M Useful Arts 151
N Fine Arts 32
0 Literature & Fiction 2895
P Linguistics 445
Q Religion 298
R Philosophy 88
S Psychology 101
T Education 123
U Geography 378
V History 380
X Economics 95
Y Sociology 70
Total 7310

Cataloguing of Books is done according to Classified Catalogue Code.

1. Loan Service:

Books are normally issued for a fortnight, But they can be extended for further period of one week on request.

2. Question Bank:

The Library maintain past years Question Papers of all classes. Students can borrow question papers for their reference..

3. Computer:

It maintains a collection of multimedia CD Roms. (For e.g. Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encarta, and Chambers Dictionary etc) Students are free to approach the Librarian for their information needs.

4. Reference Service:

Books marked for 'Reference Only' can not be borrowed. The Librarian is always ready to help the students find the books on their topic of interest. They can also ask him for other sources like journal articles on current events.

5. Catalogue cards:

Students can access the books through various catalogue cards which are arranged alphabetically to locate the books quickly. .

No. Of Users

Average users per day: 450
Average transaction of Books per day: 430


The following were added to the collection during the specified Academic Year:

158 Books, 10 Maps and 24 CD ROMs -> 2005 - 2006
143 Books, 20 Maps and 24 CD ROMs -> 2007 - 2009
  64 Books, 30 Maps and 12 CD ROMs -> 2010 - 2011
275 Books, 35 Maps and 24 CD ROMs -> 2011 - 2013
  60 Books, 10 Maps and 10 CD ROMs -> 2013 - Current